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I’ll be back soon!

I dropped the ball a bit on the run up to the silly season. Things got fairly busy with work and preparing for a big feast with lots of guests and I never found the time to blog. Poor show I know. But I am coming back. Posts in preparation: Buy it or make it: Yogurt and a update on my average weekly grocery spend.

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Is Everyday Rewards better than flybuys?

The flybuys loyalty program used by Coles is considered by many to be inferior to the Everyday Rewards program used by Woolworths, but is this really the case? To compare the two programs we first need to look at how easy it is to collect the points and the value of those points. Flybuys For every dollar you spend at Coles you will receive one flybuys point. Once you have amassed a healthy points balance through the flybuys scheme...

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Meal plan and specials, Friday 14 November

This week Aldi has some great art materials going for a song, so while I was there for those I picked up a few staples like eggs, milk and tuna. Since I had a $10 voucher for Coles from last week’s shop I also popped by there to get whatever I could on special. Much to my joy I found free range split chickens marked down to less than the price of a regular whole bird so I...

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Buy it or make it? Homebrew cider

At last, a fun grocery hack involving homebrew booze! At least every fortnight, and sometimes every week, we’ll buy a six pack of craft beer to drink at home. This can add anywhere from $15 -$22 to the grocery bill. To brew beer ‘properly’ at home takes some considerable equipment and expertise and isn’t cheap at all. So when I came across this post, I was happy to learn that homebrewing cider is a very simple process indeed....

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Meal plan and specials, 7 November

This week Woolies was offering me 500 bonus Qantas points if I spent $80, or 750 bonus points if I spent $120. Coles was offering a $10 voucher if I spent $110 and $20 if I spent $150, plus I had a triple points voucher to use. The difficulty with Qantas points is that their value varies depending on what you intend to spend them on. This needs another post to explain fully, but in summary, the Coles...

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Buy it or make it? Basic banana bread

This experiment to compare the cost of store bought vs homemade banana bread will also compare any basic cake recipe that is easy to put together and doesn’t involve layers or icing. I’m not a huge fan of bananas because they give me a cracking headache, but hubby buys a bunch every so often, and every so often a couple get left to rot in the fruit bowl. He also likes a treat sometimes with his morning coffee...

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Meal plan and specials, Friday 31 October

It’s a bit late to be posting this meal plan but I had a few server issues yesterday… This week we went shopping at Woolies AND Coles. We didn’t need a lot of things, so we just mainly bought specials for the pantry and freezer. I don’t really like going to two places, it is such a waste of energy, but Nudie juice was $5 at Coles and I’ve been waiting for some preservative free and not from...

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Beyond the supermarkets

This might seem odd coming from a website that has a tagline ‘total and utter supermarket geekery’ but in this post I’m going to advise against doing ALL your shopping at the big two supermarkets. I love grocery shopping and I love supermarkets, always have. I remember how exciting it was when the first large supermarkets appeared in our area as a child (yes, I know that makes me sound old). At university I took a course called...

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Meal plan and specials, Friday 24 October

Not at all sticking to my plan of mixing things up to maximise rewards, we shopped at Coles this week… Not a great move but we did get a $5 coupon (to be used within a week) because we spent over $120 (we spent $124). If you spend $150 this week you will get a $15 voucher. We wouldn’t have hit the $120 without some decent specials to stock up on. This is not a particularly healthy list...

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Buy it or make it: Muesli bars

I eat a lot of cereal bars. A LOT. When I need a snack or a top up from breakfast nothing else quite hits the spot. It’s probably an addiction and I could probably train myself to just want a handful of nuts but for now, I just want a better but still low cost option to replace the Nice and Natural bars I keep buying from the supermarket on special. Buying it The best muesli bar I...