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Don’t throw out that veg! Make green soup!

Every week we receive an assortment of seasonal organic vegetables from The Organic Scarecrow. It costs $40 and I’m really pleased with the quality of what we get. The only problem is, they like to give us TONS of lettuce, rocket, kale, spinach and other green leaves. Seriously, there is only so much rocket and lettuce two people can consume in one week. So at the end of every week, we inevitably have a few sad bits and...

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Does anyone actually buy saffron?

As I said yesterday, if you want to save money on food costs, you need to make meals with cheap ingredients.  Here are a few pointers. 1. Cheap ingredients are also usually simple ingredients, so that means staying away from anything processed and pre-prepared and leaning towards fruit and veg, nuts, seeds, plain old rice, and natural meat. 2. Fill up on seasonal veggies. I don’t subscribe to the paleo diet or anything else that tells me I...