Meal plan and shopping list, Friday 17 October

We went shopping at Coles again this week and there weren’t a lot of bargains for us again, nothing to stock up on. Should have gone to Woolies! Yoplait yoghurt was two for $8, oat milk was 2 for $4.50 so that’s good for two weeks. Got two lots of canned chicken for hubby’s work lunch sandwiches at 40% off ($2 each), not ideal as it’s not free range but it gives him a break from tuna! We got some frozen barramundi on freezer clearance which will be handy for a ‘non-cook’ day (usually when we are tired on Wednesday or Thursday). We got some beef stir fry marked down which was also handy as we were quite busy today and it saved a bit of time at dinner time. But because we’ve got so much salad stuff to use we splurged on some hot smoked salmon to have with it.

All up we spent $75.52 and Coles tells us on the receipt that we received $10.79 in savings. $8.79 was for non-grocery items and we got double points today, which means we earned 150 points or 75c. There were bonus points on offer if you bought Coles beef steak, $7.50 of bakery products or $22 of meat products but we were in a rush and I forgot. So our total comes to $75.52 – $8.79 (non grocery) – 75c (points) + $40 organic veggie box = $105.98.

Average spend to date: (£133.58 (last week) + $105.98) / 2 = $119.78.

This week’s meal plan:

Breakfast all week: a choice of oats, muesli or weetbix. Snacks: muesli bars, yoghurt, fruit and nuts.

Friday – Lunch: Sandwich; Dinner: Beef stir fry

Saturday – L: Left over stir fry; D: we’ll eat out

Sunday – L: tuna and rice ; D: hot smoked salmon with fennel & celery salad and potato

Monday – L: tuna or chicken sandwich; D: spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Tuesday – L: leftover cannelloni; D: slow cooker chicken thigh curry with ginger

Wednesday – L: leftover curry; D: chickpea & vegetable stew with fresh chilli

Thursday – L: left over stew; D: pizza night or something else easy from the freezer.

Happy grocery hacking!


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