Meal plan and specials, 7 November

This week Woolies was offering me 500 bonus Qantas points if I spent $80, or 750 bonus points if I spent $120. Coles was offering a $10 voucher if I spent $110 and $20 if I spent $150, plus I had a triple points voucher to use. The difficulty with Qantas points is that their value varies depending on what you intend to spend them on. This needs another post to explain fully, but in summary, the Coles offer was of higher value to me this week and I knew we’d hit $110 because we had a few laundry and personal supplies needs, so that’s where we shopped. Both supermarkets had ok specials but no deals I haven’t seen before.

In terms of specials, I picked up a couple of frozen Balfours premium potato topped pies for the freezer for $4.65 and my favourite tomato sauce by the brand Outback Spirit for $2.25. We also picked up a free range Lilydale chicken mini-roast for $10, which is $3 off the usual price. I am aware that a whole chicken is a similar price but these are stuffed with dates and quinoa and my mouth started watering and I was sucked in…


Tip Top ultra thick sliced raisin toast was on special $2.90 and the plan is that hubby takes it for snacks at work (if I don’t eat it first). Non-food specials – if you need laundry liquid, Dynamo is half price in Coles and Omo is half price in Woolies this week. I don’t think I ever pay full price!

I got a few markdown bargains in the organic meat section – two packs of organic beef sausages (nitrite free as far as I can tell) have gone in the freezer for a future sausage casserole and a BBQ and a pack of frying steak will do for a future beef stew or weekend sandwiches or maybe tacos.

The grocery bill got a bit blown up by spending $18 on coffee beans but I’ve worked out it costs about a dollar to make a flat white at home compared to $3-4 at a cafe. So if like me you live with a caffeine addict that $18 is well spent!

Altogether the bill at Coles was $139.47 but $25.23 was on non-food items. I used a triple points voucher and so collected 442 points, or a future saving of $2.21. So the adjusted total at Coles was $139.47 – $25.23 – $2.21 = $112.03. Add to that the $40 veggie delivery plus $19 for beer and that comes to a whopping $171.03. Our average weekly spend to date is $136.00, about $36 higher than I’d like.

Meal plan

Snacks: We are going to make our own South African rusks this week instead of paying $5.75 for imported rusks at Coles – I have high hopes for this week’s Buy it or Make it installment! Then we’ve got muesli bars and the raisin toast plus fruit to snack on.

Friday – Lunch: salad with roasted beets and radishes with fennel and feta; Dinner: chicken risotto (we didn’t have it last week, had pizza from the freezer instead…)

Saturday – L: left over risotto with avocado salad; D: out with friends for a birthday dinner at a seafood place

Sunday – L: beefburgers with salad and feta; D: roast $10 chicken with roast potatoes, fennel and carrots

Monday – L: left over chicken with salad and rice; D: slow cooker veggie stew with chickpeas

Tuesday: L: left over chickpea stew eaten cold with boiled egg; D: beef pie, mash and veggies

Wednesday: L: tuna and rice salad; D: slow cooker chicken curry

Thursday: L: left over curry; D: lazy day – something from the freezer like a veggie pizza…

Happy grocery hacking!


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