Meal plan and specials, Friday 14 November

This week Aldi has some great art materials going for a song, so while I was there for those I picked up a few staples like eggs, milk and tuna. Since I had a $10 voucher for Coles from last week’s shop I also popped by there to get whatever I could on special.

Much to my joy I found free range split chickens marked down to less than the price of a regular whole bird so I had to have a couple of those… One has gone in the freezer, which is only small and now full to bursting so we won’t buy meat for a bit. Everything else I bought there was on special – coconut and rice milk, Heinz baked beans for $1 (so much better than Coles and great for a quick budget meal), fancy Birds Eye frozen lemon pepper salmon (it’s pretty yummy but too expensive normally – $7 for two small fillets makes it a little less outrageous than the normal $10), Nando’s Hot Peri-Peri sauce (half price so I got one for the pantry) and Nice and Natural cereal bars (I’m still making my own but need back ups).

The supermarkets have a few things for Xmas on special like frozen turkey and chocolates, so if you are celebrating with a big spread it’s a good time to make a list and think about what will keep in the pantry or freezer until December. Then you can pick it up beforehand if it goes on special and, best case scenario, you’ll only need to fight the crowds to get a few perishables a couple of days before. I only just decided to cater for 6 to 8 people last week so I need to get on to it myself!

This week I spent $28.43 in Coles (after the $10 voucher) and $12.63 in Aldi on food. Take off 14c for the value of the flybuys points earned and add on $40 for our organic veggie delivery and that makes $80.92. That brings our our average to date down to $126.82.

Meal plan

Friday – Lunch: tuna salad; Dinner: chicken tacos using shredded meat from one of the split chickens I got marked down.

Saturday – L: lunch at a cafe; D: left over roast chicken with salad

Sunday – L: we are volunteering at a charity day with a sausage sizzle; D: salmon with green salad, asparagus and potatoes

Monday: L: steak sandwich with some healthy green trimmings D: veggie stir fry with nuts and seeds

Tuesday – L: left over stir fry D: chicken risotto

Wednesday – L: left over risotto D: some sort of made up on the spot slow cooker lentil & veggie curry

Thursday – L: left over curry D: slow cooker sausage casserole

Happy grocery hacking!


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