Meal plan and specials, Friday 24 October

Not at all sticking to my plan of mixing things up to maximise rewards, we shopped at Coles this week… Not a great move but we did get a $5 coupon (to be used within a week) because we spent over $120 (we spent $124). If you spend $150 this week you will get a $15 voucher.

We wouldn’t have hit the $120 without some decent specials to stock up on. This is not a particularly healthy list of things, but we’ll generally only eat one or two of the naughty things a week, they are to stock the freezer while they are cheap. We bought frozen Seargent’s chicken pies, Angus beef burgers, 3 x boxes of Weetbix Bites (hubby’s fave), Nutella, Ribena, Nice and Natural muesli bars, Lindt chocolate, Sakata rice crackers, corn chips and a tub of ricotta, all on special.

The ricotta has a really long use by date so sits in the fridge for some future spinach and ricotta meal (I have the cannelloni tubes and tomato passata in the pantry and the spinach comes fresh in my weekly veggie delivery). The corn chips and crackers are for some future social gathering either at mine or someone else’s. I hope they last that long!

We also got a few goodies on markdown: A shepherd’s pie from the cooler section (got it for $5, was $14 – who pays that?), some scones from the bakery ($1.80 for six) and $1 for a couple of chocolate mousse tubs.

Here’s the meal plan:

Breakfasts are the usual (see earlier weeks)

Snacks: homemade muesli bars, chocolate (one Lindt square after dinner is our treat!), fruit, scones

Friday: Lunch: chicken pie with braised red cabbage side; Dinner: Store bought shepherds pie with salad leaves and left over red cabbage.

Saturday: L: left over shepherd’s pie with salad; D: we’ll go out and have choc mousse for dessert at home

Sunday: L: beef burgers with lots of salad and home roasted beetroot; D: kind of nicoise tuna/ egg salad with asparagus.

Monday: L: more salad (we have lots of beetroot and green leaves in the fridge!); D: green soup, followed by fish and chips from freezer.

Tuesday: L: tuna sandwich; D: slow cooker beef stew with mashed potato

Wednesday: L: egg salad; D: tacos using the left over beef stew plus tomato, salad, onion

Thursday: L: anniversary lunch out??; probably a sandwich or salad, or maybe a pizza from the freezer.

We spent $124.35 in Coles, but $14 was for non-food items, so that’s $110.35 on food. Add $40 for our weekly veggie delivery and that makes $150.35. The Coles total does include ammonia and Coke that hubby is using to speed up the garden compost breakdown (he found some recipe on YouTube, I don’t ask questions!) so that we can use it on our edible garden, so it seems right to include that with our food total.

Average weekly shop to date: $129.97. We’ll be needing a couple of small spend weeks to bring this average down if I’m to meet my goal of $100 average spend a week!

Happy grocery hacking!


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