Meal plan and specials, Friday 31 October

It’s a bit late to be posting this meal plan but I had a few server issues yesterday…

This week we went shopping at Woolies AND Coles. We didn’t need a lot of things, so we just mainly bought specials for the pantry and freezer. I don’t really like going to two places, it is such a waste of energy, but Nudie juice was $5 at Coles and I’ve been waiting for some preservative free and not from concentrate juice to go on special so that I can make some homemade cider. We also picked up Ayam coconut milk (two for $3.60 at Coles) to satisfy cravings for Tom Ka Gai (coconut milk based chicken soup) and coconut cream for future dessert treats. And I needed to spend the $5 voucher we received last week.

At Woolies, their Select home brand pizzas are half price at $2.60 so we are trying them out tonight. Also half price are Stewarts frozen fish portions (2 portions for $3.50) and Twinings tea bags (worth getting for the flavour, also $3.50). Macro free range chicken breast fillets are on special this week also at $14.99 a kilo which was cheaper than their thighs so I got a large pack of 3 breasts which will cover 2 meals (one large breast has gone in the freezer). Hubby talked me into getting some Magnums (no, I shouldn’t take him shopping) which were also on promotion, I think 40% off. Woolies markdown stickers are not brightly coloured and almost impossible to spot but we did get some smoked salmon pieces for a birthday brunch at home for $2.50 (down from $6).

Altogether on the shop we spent $53.04 in Woolies (plus $6.14 on non-food items), $16 in Coles and $40 on our veggie box delivery, which totals $119.04. That inches our weekly average spend down a bit to $127.24.

Here’s the meal plan:

Friday: Lunch – rice salad with tuna; D – tom ka gai with chinese greens, carrot and capsicum.

Saturday: L – left over soup; D – frozen pizza

Sunday: L – chicken salad; D – Out with friends

Monday: Brunch- salmon, avocado, spinach and poached eggs; D: spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Tuesday: L – left over cannelloni; D – frozen fish with potatoes and plenty of veggies

Wednesday: L – tuna sandwich; D: chick pea veggie curry with boiled egg

Thursday: L – left over curry ; D: chicken risotto

Happy grocery hacking!


Verdict on the Woolies Select pizza: more Pizza Hut than Italian restaurant, but edible. The base was on the thick side and the topping needs extras adding at home to beef up the flavour. We won’t get them again unless they are half price.

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