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Meal plan and specials, Friday 14 November

This week Aldi has some great art materials going for a song, so while I was there for those I picked up a few staples like eggs, milk and tuna. Since I had a $10 voucher for Coles from last week’s shop I also popped by there to get whatever I could on special. Much to my joy I found free range split chickens marked down to less than the price of a regular whole bird so I...

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Meal plan and specials, 7 November

This week Woolies was offering me 500 bonus Qantas points if I spent $80, or 750 bonus points if I spent $120. Coles was offering a $10 voucher if I spent $110 and $20 if I spent $150, plus I had a triple points voucher to use. The difficulty with Qantas points is that their value varies depending on what you intend to spend them on. This needs another post to explain fully, but in summary, the Coles...