Welcome to Grocery Hack, a lighthearted blog about getting well fed without blowing hundreds of dollars.

Grocery Hack came about after I found that I was spending far less than my friends on my weekly shop. I wondered how many shoppers are out there who want to save money on groceries but don’t have time to work out just how to do that week to week. Here’s where I can help: by imparting nuggets of wisdom plus sharing my weekly meal plans and shopping list.

I’m based in Sydney and live with my husband and dog, so my meal plan and shopping list is based on the specials and food available in this area of Australia and feeding two (fairly hungry) adults. I have an active job and hubby does a lot of running and bike riding, so our portions are not small. We are both lean and we think we eat a pretty healthy diet.

I’ve come up with three ways to minimise my grocery bill and am on a new mission to make our weekly bill average out under $100.  Here are the bones of it below and the next few posts will expand on these ideas.

1. This is probably the most important thing you can do to reduce your grocery bill. Ready?  Make meals with cheap ingredients. Boom. Buy fruit and veg in season, use cheap cuts of meat and make things from scratch.

2. Buy groceries on special. Pretty much everything that can be stored in the pantry or freezer like cereal, coffee or meat goes on special at some point. Here’s the plan: every time something you usually buy goes on special, buy enough to keep supplies ’til the next time it is on special. If you don’t have to then don’t worry about a rigid weekly budget, think about the long term average or quarterly or annual spend instead and this will free you to take advantage of specials. (Chocolate doesn’t store well in our house so this is the exception.)

3. Maximise your shopping rewards. Because the big two supermarkets are constantly competing for your custom, you can get some pretty sweet rewards by signing up to the Coles and Woolworths loyalty programs. Money off vouchers and bonus points are available every week.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy what I have to share!



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